Gulf Auto Trading started as a community-based auto-trading shop. As a result of our customer satisfaction focus, value-for-money business model and our continuous drive to be a trusted partner, we keep on expanding businesses and opportunities. We do supply Specialized Vehicles from most reliable and prominent manufacturers in the region. We also provide custom vehicle designs, new and pre-owned luxury and exotic cars. Gulf Auto Trading values quality and innovation, always is ready to step up and set a new standard for the industry with a passionate team of experts.

Gulf Auto Trading keeps a sufficient stock of vehicles to ensure your requests are accommodated. Our Research and Development department customs your vehicles requirements according to your specifications in our state-of-the-art advanced manufacturing facility in Dubai.


We source high quality and caliber parts, rare and specific if needed as well, at the most affordable price.

We partner with a wide variety of suppliers, manufacturers and auto-trading agencies.

This way, we maximize your selection challenging the market to get you the best deal. Our business alliances allow us to lower our overall costs, which results in significant savings for you.

Professional Passion

Our team is constituted of qualified professionals with the same passion.

Saves Precious Time

Their priorities are to guide you in your decision making process, your specific requirements and deliver the best tailor-made vehicles.

Premium Service

Our flexibility and on-going effort to get high quality deliverables is what make us unique.

With our guarantees and certified products, you can rest assured that you are getting only the best value for your money.